Who are we ?

How to ensure affordable and safe food for Asia’s quickly urbanizing population, while harmonizing positive effects for income, employment and natural resource management in rural areas ?

MALICA research platform was formed in 2002 to join skills and resources aimed at these questions.

  • A brief history

    Market (c) C.Rollin / CIRAD
    Between 2000 and 2010, urban population growth in Asia was running at 2.7% per year, ie another 378 million inhabitants. In order to feed cities and satisfy growing demand for diversity, safety and quality, value chains are restructuring and farming systems are being transformed.
  • Partnership

    Market © C. Rollin / CIRAD
    The « Markets and agriculture linkages for cities in Asia » Research Platform (MALICA) was formally established in 2002 and its Memorandum of Understanding is being renewed since 2006. The National University of Laos joined the platform in 2010.

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